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The All New VRS Suite

Productively increase your quickness, speed, vertical jump, endurance, stamina and strength.

Resistance Levels
  • Kris Wilson - NFL Athlete

    've been using the Flex nimbo for training purposes and wanted to congratulate you on this product. Not only have I enjoyed working with it, but I've gotten great results.

  • Chris Romulo - Muy Thai Champ

    The Flex nimbo has been an integral part of my success as a professional Muay Thai fighter. It helped me win my first pro fight. Training for my fights has been easier since I now have improved power in my jabs and kicks plus improved stamina. I have gained energy and stamina in ways I never thought possible.

  • Dr. Ronald Otterstetter, Ph.D.

    The Flex nimbo is an innovative approach to rubber band resistance exercise...Athletes of all skill levels, from recreational to professional, would benefit with the integration of this device into their training regimen.


VRS patented technology is unique because it is not based on how much a person can lift, but based around the concept of optimal consistent performance. VRS trains your body to transfer sport-specific strength gains to your particular sport. VRS offers the athlete true sports specific training!


VRS stimulus promotes more accurate transmission of instructions from the nervous system to the working muscles. Offers true biceps aerobics and deltoid aerobics benefits, your core is always engaged while working as many other upper and lower muscles simultaneously for a balanced and optimum workout.

Fully Adjustable

The resistance-tension straps found on our product are a measurable, and now universal, means used to apply constant resistance simultaneously to the upper and lower body. One can easily adjust the tension slack, tailoring the size of the suit as well as the level of resistance tension, to the height of the athlete.


our design is accurate to human form. The extremely new VRS allows you to train while playing your sport!

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